Michigan to celebrate “America Recycles” week

recycling bins 11-08-13You may want to think twice before throwing that piece of scrap paper into the trash can.

State have officials announced Michigan will recognize and take part in a national effort, “America Recycles” week, beginning Saturday.

The effort raises awareness among businesses and residents about recycling and its benefits on quality of life.

Dan Wyant, Director of the state Department of Environmental Quality, says recycling efforts start on a very basic level.”We think it starts with access. We have a lot of communities that are leading the way and have created a tremendous amount of access. We think curbside is very important, so access at the curb, having convenient drop offs, redemption centers; we think it’s important”.

Wyant says recycling gives the environment, as well as the economy, a boost.

As more people become more “green,” he says, the efforts have the potential to create new jobs.

Currently, Michigan recycles almost 15-percent of household waste – trailing the rest of the Midwest.

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