Michigan NOW calls for renewal of Violence Against Women Act

By Mike Horace

The Violence Against Women Act has been renewed twice with bipartisan support since it was originally passed in 1994. But this year’s reauthorization has become the object of an election year political battle.

The Senate has passed a version of the bill that includes special protections for immigrants, Native Americans, and LBGT victims of domestic abuse.

The House version excludes those protections. As a result, the National Organization for Women has come out against the bill.

Mary Pollack is with the Michigan chapter of NOW. She said the House bill excludes many domestic violence victims who historically have fallen through the cracks…

“Especially immigrant women are especially vulnerable because some of them are victims of domestic violence, and are very afraid of  calling the police or calling for help.”

Leaders of more than 30 religious groups are also opposed to the House version of the bill.

House Republican leaders say their bill protects all victims, and that there is no reason for it to single out specific groups.

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