Midwest legislative confab generates ideas and suggestions for feds

Midwestern state lawmakers will watch this fall to see if some of their summer work takes root.  
The legislators met at a regional conference and sent a number of proposals on to federal lawmakers.
A couple of proposals championed by Michigan Senator Darwin Booher include one pushing for improved care and management of public lands and another for increased controls of Cormorants.  The birds were endangered in the 1970s and have rebounded since and become a nuisance to, particularly waterfront, communities.
Senator Booher said state lawmakers from the conference are promoting their proposals to federal legislators, but as for what will happen from there…
“Well we will have to wait and see what that does. We sent a copy to our congressman and our senators so that they know that this is not just Michigan. This is all of the states in the Midwest.”
Senator Booher said he’s hoping the proposals gain some attention since they already have the support of lawmakers from a number of states.
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