Mike Duggan elected Mayor of Detroit

Detroit Mayor-elect Mike Duggan.

Detroit Mayor-elect Mike Duggan.

Former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan is the new mayor-elect of Detroit.

Duggan defeated Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon with about 55 percent of the vote. Despite being a Detroit resident for just over a year, and getting tossed off the primary ballot, Duggan coasted to victory.

Duggan is stepping to the forefront after decades spent behind the scenes in Detroit politics. He says he’ll spend these next transition weeks building relationships with key players: emergency manager Kevyn Orr and the Detroit City Council.

Organized labor largely supported Duggan’s opponent, Benny Napoleon.

But Duggan says he’ll also work to “re-build a relationship of mutual respect” there.

“We’re going back to the days of the unions being part of the solution, and not always being blamed for the problem,” Duggan said.

Duggan also sounded notes of racial reconciliation in his acceptance speech. He’s Detroit’s first white mayor in 40 years.

This report was provided by Sarah Cwiek of Michigan Radio.

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