More volunteers needed for Summer Meet Up and Eat Up program

Courtesy of The state Department of Education is looking for more volunteers to participate in Michigan’s Summer Meet Up and Eat Up food program. The program provides food for school children and teens over the summer months.

Meet Up and Eat Up allows children and teens from low income families to get free meals or snacks in the summer. This is for students who usually receive reduced or free lunch during the school year.

Bryan VanDorn, a school district consult with the Michigan Department of Education school nutrition programs unit said it’s important to know that any youth,18- years or younger,can walk in to any of the sites, no questions asked and receive a nutritious well balanced meal for free.

Last year 76 out of 83 counties participated in the summer food program.

“Last year alone we increased our meal participation by 9 percent across the state. A large portion of that was in those urban centers, as an example the city of Detroit increased their participation by 30 percent. 30 percent more meals were served in the summer of 13 then they were in the summer of 12. So not just Detroit but all over the state those numbers and meals are increasing as more awareness is out there.”

VanDorn said last year more than 90,000 children in Michigan received meals and snacks thanks to the program. That compares to what state officials say is over half-a-million kids who may go hungry over the summer.

Click this link for more information on the Michigan Summer Meet Up and Eat Up food program

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