New report says the Midland county shelter is doing an outstanding job of saving animals..

Each year the Michigan Pet Fund creates the Save Rate report to determine if progress is being made toward Michigan becoming a no kill state.

The Save Rate report lists each animal shelter in Michigan and shows how many animals each shelter saves each year.

The Humane Society of Midland County is being recognized as an outstanding open admission shelter. It has a save rate of over 96 percent. Deborah Schutt , the chair of the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance said any shelter with a save rate over 90% is “doing an excellent job. You have to understand that there are going to be animals that are either injured, ill or have aggression. And so that accounts for probably less than 10 percent.”

Schutt said the Save Rate report has inspired people to take action. “ Based upon this report, there have been a lot of and I say a lot of animal activists that have started going to county commissioner meetings. Saying, look it! If they can do it why can’t we? Something is going on and we are not getting the biggest bang for our buck out of our taxpayer dollars.”

According to the 2012 report a majority of the shelters have increased their save rate.

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