Opera “Silent Night” to be aired on PBS

Composer Kevin Puts photographed by Gregory Downer of the Opera News.

Composer Kevin Puts photographed by Gregory Downer of the Opera News.

Tis the season for holiday cheer, and what better way to celebrate than with the family and a holiday tale.

Tonight, an opera created by a Michigan native will be aired on CMU Public TV.

The opera is titled Silent Night, and it’s about a Christmas Eve truce during World War One between the French, Germans and the Scots.

Production officials said the truce was a spontaneous reflection of peace, fellowship and humanity of the holiday season.

Silent Night is a Pulitzer Prize-winning production created by Kevin Puts, who was raised in Alma.

Kevin’s father, John, said a Minnesota opera company introduced the Silent Night idea to Kevin.

“They asked him,” John said. “The person over at the Minnesota Opera company listened to some other pieces on the radio that Kevin had written he said that this is the guy who should write our next opera.”

Silent Night is Puts’ first opera, but his parents say it will not be his last.

Kevin told his father that opera is what he wants to do from now on.

At the end of the day, Kevin has a passion for all music, and his parents said that passion started early with a piano. His mother, Melinda, explained.

“As I said, he could never stop playing,” Melinda said. “He was as excited when we got a grand piano as when most kids would be as excited about something techy. He would go out telling people, ‘I got a grand piano!’ He just played it and played it all the time.

Silent Night will be shown tonight at nine on CMU Public television

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