Plans move forward for Michigan’s Welcome ship to move to Emmet County

ship 11-27-13
Officials met Monday, December third to finalize the agreement to move the historic Welcome ship from the Maritime Heritage Alliance of Traverse City to Emmet County.

Emmet county purchased the Ship from the MHA for $1. Plans finalizing the sale and the move to the Headlands Dark Sky Park outside of Mackinaw CIty are expected to be signed at the MHA’s board meeting on December ninth.

The offer of the ship took Emmet County by surprise and as a result no concrete plans for the ship have been made yet.

“This all came up rather quickly,” Emmet County Controller Lyn Johnson said, “We thought that to preserve the ship that we needed to move on this part of it and the rest of we’re going to take our time and work it into hopefully the development of the entire Headlands.”

In mid-May the ship will be moved from Traverse City into storage where Johnson said, work to refurbish the vessel will begin.

Plans for the final display of the ship and development of the Headlands Dark Sky Park, the ship’s final resting place, are currently in the works.

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