Snyder could veto first bill this week

By Rick Pluta

The first veto of a bill sent to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk by legislative Republicans could be coming this week. The governor has until Friday morning to sign or reject a measure that would make it harder to enact state rules that are stricter than federal standards.
The bill said state agencies cannot enact rules covering things such as workplace safety or environmental protection that are stricter than federal rules unless the Legislature passes a law to allow it. The bill would allow an exception for emergencies.

Sara Wurfel is the governor’s press secretary. She said the bill is being reviewed, but the governor and his team think it may go too far.

“Basically, tying Michigan’s hands to do what it needs to do to protect the state and its citizens.”

The governor has tried to protect his working relationship with conservative lawmakers from his own party who sometimes disagree with Snyder’s more-centrist leanings. The governor has vetoed some budget line items, but this would be the first time he vetoes an entire bill and returns it to the Legislature.
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