SVSU military student resource center set to open in January

US Flag 11-11-13Military students at Saginaw Valley State University will soon have a space to call their own.The school is finishing work on a new Military Student Resource Center.

The center is intended to serve as a “one stop shop” for military affiliated students. It will offer a lounge as well as computer workstations for students to use for school work or to apply for benefits.

Denise Berry, SVSU’s Director of Military Student Affairs said this kind of accommodation is military students is part of a trend across Michigan and across the country,”I think, there’s been a lot of research and people are realizing that there is a need; even President Obama, he outlined in his Eight Keys for Veteran’s Success, that veteran’s need a space of their own in order to be successful and to matriculate into the school and stay and persist until graduation.

Berry said with troop draw downs in Iraq and Afghanistan, more and more military students are entering higher education.

The Military Student Center at Saginaw Valley is expected to open in January.

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