SVSU Prof receives grant to study insects

A Saginaw Valley State University Professor has received a research grant for his work to discover new species of insects in Michigan.

Stephen Taber who teaches Biology at SVSU said his research will be funded for the next three years by a Braun Fellowship worth $37,500.

He has already discover 20 previously unknown insect species and hopes that this grant will help him find even more.“I imagine that during those three years at the rate I’ve been going and with that additional funding I might easily find that many more, say about 20 more, in three years of intense work,” Taber said.

Though that may seem like a lot of species, Taber said he doesn’t think Michigan is going to run out any time soon. “I think that there’s probably going to be many many years here in Michigan in which scientist can find new species of insects of various kinds,” Tabor said, “It’s thought that we probably only know about between one third and one tenth of all the species of insects that exist on the Earth. So we’re not even half way to knowing the ones that are here.”

Taber said he plans to publish his finding is various academic journals, but says he research is fueled by his curiosity.

He will be helped in his research by several SVSU students both in his lab on campus and a field lab in the Manistee National Forest.

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