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Governor Snyder wants more renewables, less coal in Michigan

Gov1219-fotoGovernor Rick Snyder says it’s time for state lawmakers to set new energy goals for Michigan. He says those goals should include burning less coal and increasing renewable energy production over the next decade.
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Environmental groups expect Snyder to push for more clean energy

windmill 11-27-13Michigan environmental groups say they expect Governor Rick Snyder to call for more clean energy in a speech next month.

Those expectations are based on a series of new reports on energy production in Michigan – the last of which hit Snyder’s desk this week. The study shows utilities are on track to meet or exceed the state’s current clean energy standards. It also says Michigan could produce up to 30% of its energy using renewable sources by 2035.

“We’re seeing economic development in the state and we’re seeing health benefits, protection of natural resources – so, kind of wins across the board,” said Michigan Environmental Council Policy Director James Clift.

“I expect (Governor Snyder) to say, ‘Hey, let’s keep going.’”

Clift says the study also gives him hope that lawmakers will pass new standards sometime next year.

“Hopefully these reports will help build that consensus of a positive package for Michigan so that it’s something the Legislature can take up, even during an election year.”
Governor Snyder’s address on his energy policy priorities is expected around mid-December.

Click here to view the financial reports:http://www.michigan.gov/energy

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