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Morning Edition with Mike Horace 
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About the show ...

The best thing about waking up for more than 13 million people worldwide? Coffee, juice, and a staple to satisfy the curious: Morning Edition with Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep. Hours before alarms buzz and coffeemakers drip, an international team of award-winning journalists, commentators, producers, and analysts prepare the most popular news program on public radio, offering a welcome alternative to the talking heads, sound-bite journalism, and confrontational conversation found elsewhere.
About Mike ...
Mike Horace is the local host during Morning Edition, heard from noon to 5am - 9am each weekday on WCMU Public Radio. He also reports regularly for All Things Considered. Mike often reports on state and local political issues.
Mike began his career as a student reporter at WCMU Public Radio. He took on a full time position with the station in 2012, first hosting Weekend Edition Sunday before moving to weekdays and The Takeaway. He has interviewed everyone from township supervisors to world leaders over the course of his career.

In his spare time, Mike is an avid Detroit sports fan, religiously following the Tigers and Red Wings. He also enjoys exploring central and northern Michigan and telling fascinating stories from all around the state. He grew up in metro Detroit, and currently lives in Mount Pleasant.
Mike Horace, local host Morning Edition
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