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Take 5 with Ray Ford
Saturdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
About the show ...

Take 5 is a generally light-hearted approach to America's only original art form. As much a "performance piece" as it is a jazz and blues program, Take 5 is intended to put a smile on your face on a Saturday morning; a smile that will carry you into the afternoon.
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About Ray...

Ray joined the full time staff at CMU Public Radio in 1981.  He started as the overnight host of Nightside and was appointed Program Director in 1985.  As Program Director he is responsible for the program schedule and the overall sound of the station.  That’s the majority of his job Monday through Friday.  On Saturdays, however, he is the local host of Weekend Edition Saturday and let’s loose on Take 5, a live program of jazz and blues.  Take 5 premiered during a pledge drive and now is in its 30th year.

Ray Ford, Program Director
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