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The Takeaway with Susan McTaggart-Dennis
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About The Takeaway

The Takeaway is an hour-long national news program that relies on the contributions of listeners across the country to deliver the perspectives and analysis you need to understand the day’s news. National host John Hockenberry convenes conversations with both newsmakers and diverse voices, and brings in news leaders from producing partners, The New York Times and WGBH Boston, inviting you to learn more.

The Takeaway is heard at noon each weekday on WCMU Public Radio. It is also broadcast at 9am and noon weekdays on CMU News and Talk.

About Susan ...

When Fine Arts producer and Afternoon Classical Music host, Susan McTaggart-Dennis came to WCMU Public Radio over 30 years ago, she was an avid listener to the ‘new’ public radio station in the area and in pursuit of her biology degree.  Delighted to find there was an opportunity to volunteer at the station, she started to help maintain the classical music library.  She didn’t aspire to a career in broadcasting, but when offered a part-time job at WCMU, she accepted, and eventually found her niche as a full-time staff member. She DID earn the science degree and added classes in broadcasting and music to the mix, and credits the knowledgeable and loyal listeners for making THIS unique career choice so rewarding.


Susan McTaggart-Dennis, Program Producer
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