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  WCMU Sustainer Program Simplify your WCMU membership ...

What is a sustainer membership?

An agreement between you and the station whereby you designate a set amount to be charged to your checking account or credit card EVERY MONTH. We can mail you a one-time authorization form that allows us to schedule your payments. Or give us a call during regular business hours M-F, 8-5 and someone from our Fundraising Department can get you set up.

Each year, as your membership anniversary approaches, you will receive a special thank you letter to let you know that your membership is about to automatically renew. This reminder also gives you the opportunity to make changes to your Sustaining Membership. Of course, you can contact us to cancel your monthly payments at any time.


Do you accept EFT transfers direct from my bank account?

Yes we do.  This is actually the preferred method because the fees are much lower than the credit card fees, and since there is no expiration date (as there are on credit cards) there is no need to contact you for updated card information as cards expire.


What are the advantages of a Sustainer Membership?

It makes it easier for you to contribute. Once we set up your sustainer membership, your monthly contribution will be automatically charged to your credit card, and a record of each transaction will appear on your monthly credit card statement.


It provides a stable, reliable source of donor revenue for the station.

It cuts expenses by eliminating the need for acknowledgements, renewal letters, additional gift letters, and billings. The only mail you will receive from us is our monthly program guides (if you want them), your annual tax receipt in January, and an annual thank you letter to let you know that your membership is about to automatically renew.

It creates automated contribution processing, which is extremely cost effective.

It leaves more funds available for acquiring and broadcasting the programs you enjoy .

And it frees up fundraising staff to spend more time and effort on reaching new donors, thus growing our pool of supporters.


How can I change or stop my monthly charges?

You will receive an annual thank you letter that makes it easy to change your monthly amount.

And you can also contact us any time via the following methods:

Call us at 800-727-9268 during regular business hours M-F, 8-5 or send us an e-mail at earl1ss@cmich.edu, or send us a letter at WCMU, 1999, East Campus Drive, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

A member of our Fundraising staff will be happy to help you.


Can I still get a Thank You gift?

If you see a specific thank-you gift during on on-air pledge drive that you would like, and it is at or below your annual giving amount, simply call the pledge number being given and let the phone operator know that you’re a sustaining member and would like the gift. Or give us a call during regular business hours M-F, 8-5 and someone in our Fundraising Department would be glad to help you.


How long does it take for my credit card charges to begin?

We process the charges on the 15th of the month. We will set up your program as soon as we receive your details (either via phone at 800-727-9268, or by your mailed in authorization form).