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An Original WCMU Special Presentation

Once again, CMU Public Broadcasting is producing its election cycle series, “Meet the Candidates.”¬†

Both candidates for Governor, Lt Governor, U.S. Senate, Congressional Districts 1,2,4, & 5 and the campaigns for State Senate and State House in central and northern Michigan extending south to Genesee County have
been invited to participate.
Find Your District:

Scroll down the list of candidates below and click on the links to watch/listen to the interviews. 

You can also click on the link to view our broadcast schedule for the dates and times of the TV programs.

Be sure to cast your vote and then join us for the most in-depth coverage of Election 2014 on Tuesday, November 6.

View the CMU Public Television broadcast schedule
Race Candidate Name (Party) Listen Watch
U.S. Senator      
1st Congressional      
2nd Congressional


4th Congressional
5th Congressional
9th Congressional
10th Congressional
11th Congressional      
12th Congressional      
13th Congressional      
14th Congressional      
18th House      
22nd House      
24th House      
25th House
26th House      
27th House      
28th House      
29th House
30th House
31st House
33rd House
34th House
35th House      
36th House      
37th House      
38th House      
39th House
40th House      
41st House      
43rd House
44th House      
45th House      
46th House      
48th House      
49th House
50th House
51st House
70th House
84th House
85th House
93rd House
94th House
95th House
96th House


97th House
98th House
99th House
100th House      
101st House
102nd House

103rd House
104th House      
105th House      
106th House      
107th House

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David Nicholas
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