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Welcome to the Nation’s Largest University Owned Public Broadcasting Network! 

Delivering the highest concentration of educated, affluent and influential citizens, WCMU Public Media is the best-kept marketing secret in Michigan. Our listeners and viewers are your clients, customers, patrons and employees.

WCMU Public Radio 

WCMU-FM 89.5 Mt. Pleasant
WUCX-FM 90.1 Bay City
WCML-FM 91.7 Alpena
95.1 FM Traverse City
WCMB-FM 95.7 Oscoda
WWCM-FM 96.9 Standish
WCMZ-FM 98.3 Sault Ste. Marie
WCMW-FM 103.9 Harbor Springs


WCMU Public Television

WCML 6 Alpena
WCMV 27 Cadillac
WCMW 21 Manistee
WCMU-TV 14 Mt. Pleasant

WCMU's underwriting team can help you design a program to meet your financial, marketing
and philanthropic goals.
Jim Rademaker
Assistant General Manager Development and Community Engagement
(989) 774-3246
Tom Ball 
Marketing Representative
(989) 774-2454
Michael Johnson
Marketing Representative 
Cell: (810) 423-2010
Patricia Link
Marketing Representative 
Cell: (231) 409-8649
WCMU Public Media Underwriting Opportunities Include:

• WCMU Public Radio • wcmu.org • WCMU's print Program GUIDE
• WCMU Public Television • WCMU's smart phone app • Corporate challenge grants and more

WCMU Public Radio
Delivers NPR News and Local News and weather to listeners in 44 counties in Central and Northern Michigan.
Each day WCMU Public Radio helps listeners stay informed through broadcasts from National Public Radio (NPR). Morning Edition, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition and Weekend All Things Considered feature reports, analysis, commentaries, interviews and special features from around the world. Each reporter takes the amount of time needed to tell the whole story...not just skim over the details.
A Dynamic Audience
WCMU Public Radio attracts loyal listeners and supporters from all walks of life. They are highly educated, culturally passionate and concerned about the issues facing their community and the world at large.
We Are Local
From local news to our unique locally produced music programs WCMU Public Radio offers programs that Enlighten, Engage and Entertain.

WCMU Public Television
WCMU Public Television reaches approximately 5,000,000 people in 52 counties.
The WCMU Public Television viewer is community oriented, educated and discerning and only watches television programs that don’t insult their intelligence. The strong PBS schedule features Nova, Frontline, Antiques Roadshow and Masterpiece to name a few and an award-winning children’s schedule that continues to begin the education of our youth.
WCMU Productions
WCMU Public Television is committed to being a community partner with local programming that also supports those ideals; Quiz Central, Ask The Specialists, Destination Michigan, Capitol Report and documentary specials continue our goal of providing programs that Enlighten, Engage and Entertain.


Digital Underwriting
WCMU Website wcmu.org

The wcmu.org Website Package is the perfect way for your business to be front and center for our viewers and listeners who utilize our website as part of their PBS/NPR experiences!

• Your web ad will be 300 x 250 pixels

• You will be featured on a rotating basis on our three main gateways to our website: Our Home page (wcmu.org), our TV page (wcmu.org/tv/) and our Radio page (wcmu.org/radio/)

  A calendar for our sponsors' events:

WCMU Smart Phone App
Your business can support our programming with a full screen underwriting visual plus a banner ad with a click through to your website. There will be up to three business rotating equally at one time.  

WCMU Public Media Program GUIDE
The WCMU Monthly Program Guide is a great way for your business to get the word out about upcoming events and to spotlight your business to over 14,000 WCMU Public Media Viewers and Listeners each and every month!  

Corporate Challenge Grants
WCMU Public Television and Radio earns your donation through meeting a challenge that we issue to our viewers during our fundraiser. We state that we need to receive a specific number of calls during your challenge grant. The intent is to motivate both new and renewal donors to join with your business in support of WCMU Public Television and Radio. Your business will get recognition and thanks on air by our local hosts during the program or evening that you are a challenge grant business.

Underwriting with WCMU: A Long-term Return on Your Investment
The obvious beneficiary of your underwriting investment in WCMU Public Media is the station itself. Your contribution helps to keep the station strong and allows us to maintain the quality programming that our audience has come to expect. 

But the results of your underwriting effort reach far beyond the physical surroundings of our studios and into the living rooms and automobiles of thousands of viewers and listeners who turn to WCMU Public Media daily for quality programming. Your support is an investment in a statewide resource - one that touches communities throughout central and northern Michigan and into Canada. Your commitment shows the thousands of people in this vast audience - as well as your employees, clients, and competitors - that you recognize the important role that public broadcasting plays in their individual communities.

Of course, another important beneficiary of your generosity is you. When you become a part of WCMU Public Media, your company receives on-air acknowledgments. This announcement may include your name, address and telephone number, and a brief description of your business. Contact one of our marketing representatives today.