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Criminal Justice bills headed for Snyder’s desk

Snyder_courtesy_4Changes to the criminal justice system are headed to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk.

The legislation is meant to curb the number of incarcerated and supervised people in the state. It’s received support from the Attorney General, law enforcement departments, and the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Chris Gautz is with the MDOC.

“There’s still more to do and so we would encourage the legislature to continue down this path but we think that this is a good start and we’re appreciative of the efforts that have been made so far.”

The bills would create new programs for inmates and people on probation or parole to try and curb recidivism. They would also increase some reporting requirements. Gautz says some of the legislation codifies their department’s current, successful, practices.

Sweeping criminal justice changes one vote away from governor’s desk

Michigan-State-HouseMajor changes to the criminal justice system in Michigan are quickly moving through the legislature. A package of bills was voted out of the State House today.

The bills would, among other things, provide more data collection on recidivism, allow reduction in probation time in some cases, and programming for youth rehabilitation.

The legislation is headed back to the Senate for a final vote before potentially going to the governor’s desk.

Republican Senator John Proos is a bill sponsor.

Proos says the programs in the legislation are designed to reduce recidivism and the number of people on probation and parole. He says that will reduce crime and costs for taxpayers.