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Hundreds gather for mental health services, many oppose Snyder overhaul

32765504523_6672ede8e9_zThere was a big rally at the state Capitol Wednesday to support improved mental health services and to oppose Governor Rick Snyder’s plan to overhaul how those services are paid for.

The Snyder administration and publicly funded mental health agencies have been at odds over an overhaul plan. It would allow private insurance companies to manage $2.5 billion in Medicaid funds earmarked for mental health.

“When you hand over publicly funded services to a profit-driven organization, people hurt and people suffer, and taxpayers should be paying attention to this,” said Nicole Lawson is an Oakland County mental health services administrator.

Leo Rohn is a patient who also serves on several mental health advisory boards. He’s concerned that private management of mental health funds will limit access to medications.

“They’re going to have limits on levels and who qualifies and the medications they need to live and function will be taken away from them,” he said. “People’s lives will be destroyed.”

Governor Snyder says the plan’s focus is not on controlling money, but bringing together physical health care and mental health services. He says private insurance companies could help cut management costs.

Petition drive to legalize pot in MI to launch

medical-marijuana-rxA petition campaign will launch soon to put a measure on the ballot to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Michigan.

The campaign submitted its petition form to state officials for approval. A spring and summer signature-gathering effort would then try to put the question on the 2018 ballot.

Former state lawmaker Jeff Irwin is the campaign’s political director. He says banning marijuana has been a waste of time and money, just like the nation’s experiment with Prohibition in the 1920s.

“We also know that alcohol prohibition was a huge failure. We know that alcohol prohibition fueled crime and violence, just like marijuana prohibition is doing today.”

Irwin says legalization would allow a new business sector, and generate millions of dollars in revenue for schools, roads, and local governments.

Experts say Medicare cuts may occur as soon as next month

Hospital Equipment

Two million Medicare users in Michigan could be affected by cuts perhaps sooner than expected.

A little known Independent Payment Advisory Board – or IPAB – was created under the federal Affordable Care Act. It’s formed when Medicare spending hits a level, which is determined by a complicated formula. The group is charged with bringing costs back down. Continue reading

Michigan Blood asks for O-Negative blood donors


Michigan Blood is in need of donations while spring break has many schools and universities closed.

Michigan Blood said people who are universal donors, O-Negative, are especially needed.

O-Negative can be used by hospitals when a blood type is unknown.

Only seven percent of the world is O-Negative.

Michigan Blood has a database to find blood drives in your area.