UP energy bills are not rising, yet…

Residents in the U.P. have gotten a reprieve from an expected hike in their electric bills this week. A delay order has given them a bit more breathing room.

Bills were scheduled to rise this week because of a ruling this year that made U-P residents responsible for paying for the U.P.’s only power plant. This included areas with no affiliation to the plant such as Cloverland Electric Cooperative.

Dan Dasho is the president and CEO with Cloverland, which supplies power in the Eastern U.P. He said a number of organizations complained about the new price structure.

Now the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is reconsidering the cost allocation.

“That’s very good news,” Dasho said. “Some of the questions they asked seem to indicate that they’re looking for more information regarding how the costs were allocated to the beneficiaries up here in the U.P.”

Dasho said energy bills will remain at its current rates for, at least, another 90 days.

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