NWS: White Christmas a real possibility for Michigan

Meteorologists said the recent winter-warm up is coming to an end, and most of the state should have a white Christmas.

Jim Keysor is a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather service in Gaylord.

He said we should see colder snowy weather this week.

“We’re going to transition slowly back to the winter pattern and we start returning to something a bit colder. There will be a little bit of snow into Wednesday. Mostly in some of the Lake Effect areas,” Keysor said.

As for next week, he said, he expects more cold and snow.

“It looks like a lot of areas will see at least some snow in the days leading up to Christmas,” Keysor said, “There’s a couple of weather systems that are going to come down across the great lakes.”

Keysor said there shouldn’t be much severe weather to worry about for in-state travelers around Christmas.

But, he said, people traveling outside the state may have dicey weather conditions to deal with.

“The one thing I would highlight for those people traveling, there could be some travel difficulties but it could be if you’re headed down the Ohio Valley, or into the Northeast, or Mid Atlantic – there is certainly some potential for some even bigger snowstorm potential in some of those areas,” Keysor said.