NOAA invests into next generation of supercomputers

winter in MichiganWith winter in full swing, the National Weather Service is responding with improvements to its forecasting ability.

The agency is increasing it’s supercomputing capacity nearly tenfold to provide more accurate and detailed forecasts.

With a larger capacity the supercomputers will be able to run an upgraded Global Forecasting System.

Jim Keyser is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gaylord.

He said the new system will have greater resolution and twice the precision as the old system.

“What this really does is it allows us to find some of the smaller details that are going to be in the atmosphere and look at them over longer periods of time and you would think a byproduct of that would be more accurate forecasts in the long run.”

Keyser said by the end of the month each of the two supercomputer’s capacity will triple.

He said the rest of the capacity improvements will take place throughout the year.