Record low temps are quickly freezing the Great Lakes

great_lakesMany in the state would agree that Feb-burrr-rary has been the coldest it’s been all winter.

Meteorologists say, some places in the state have had the coldest first half of the month on record.

The arctic air being pushed down over our state has been fueling rapid ice growth over the Great Lakes.

During last year’s polar vortex the great lakes reached 92.2% ice coverage by early March. That was the second highest average on record.

Andy Sullivan is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gaylord.

He said, “We’re catching up pretty quickly. I think at last check we were at like 70% right now, so as the cold air stays and the colder it gets and especially these below zero nights, 10-20 below zero at night, that’ll really make that ice form up even better.”

Sullivan said to keep bundled up because another arctic front is swooping down later this week. He said it’s expected to be colder than this past weekend.

He said at best, our statewide temperatures might start to return to normal next week.