Maple syrup season is upon us

buckets on trees
Many people in Michigan are happy to see the return of warmer weather, especially maple syrup producers.

Kyle Bagnall is manager of historical programs at the Chippewa Nature Center.

e said maple syrup production had a slow start thanks to last week’s lingering below zero temperatures.

“We usually tap our trees at the end of February, or at least start to, but it was in the below zero digits for many days in that area so it started perhaps a little slower than usual. The last few days however have been perfect for maple syrup weather.”

The good news, Bagnall said, the slow start might not have that much of an impact on overall syrup production since the biggest weeks for syrup production are mid to late March.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Chippewa Nature Center is an underwriter of CMU Public Radio.