Planting season is around the corner

CropsAs warmer weather finally returns to Michigan, farmers are gearing up for the planting season.

Crop analysts are hopeful that the 2015 planting season will be relatively normal, compared to last year when cold weather delayed farmers from taking to their fields.

Paul Gross is with the MSU Extension Office in Isabella County.

He said, “Farmers are getting ready as we speak, preparing the equipment. We’ve really been fortunate that our snow, our winter snow has melted away really in about the best possible way it could. It went away slow so we didn’t have any flooding in the fields, so you know we anticipate a pretty normal start.”

Gross said, “From a planting standpoint a lot of the sugar beet farmers are going to be looking to start planting probably in the middle of April if they can. From a corn standpoint as these soils dry out, about that first part of May, guys are going to be looking to start getting those early corns put in the ground.”

He said last year, many farmers weren’t able to start planting until mid to late May, do to lingering cold weather.