Don’t just prepare for back to school – prepare for floods and other disasters


With Michigan’s weather it’s not uncommon to see flash flood warnings issued. September 30th is National Prepareathon Day, officials are using the day, and the lead up, to encourage families to create emergency plans.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, fewer than half of the nation’s households have a family emergency plan in case of a flood.

Tim Manning is the Deputy Administrator for Protection and National Preparedness at FEMA.

“Please take a moment and make sure everyone in your family signs up for local alerts and warnings, has a wallet card with emergency numbers and an out-of-town point of contact, and lastly, knows how to get in touch with each other- and where to go meet up. This is especially important if you happen to be in different locations such as home, school or work when a disaster strikes.”

Laura Furgione is a Deputy Director for the National Weather Service.

She said without a plan — families and communities can feel the devastation of a storm for a long time.

“Take a few minutes now to create and practice your emergency plan. Think about what you’ll need if you had to evacuate quickly including medication, insurance documents, and things you treasure like family photos.”

For more information on emergency plans go to this link: