Saginaw Bay Conservation and Development awarded federal grant to work on Great Lakes restoration

saginaw bay conA central Michigan organization has been awarded a federal grant to help restore the Great Lakes and its watersheds.

The Saginaw Bay Conservation and Development Center was awarded a $30,000 grant to work on the Cass River. Work will focus on things like streambank stabilization, fish habitat restoration and sediment reduction.

Jim Hergott is the executive director of the center. He says the project is the first step in restoring the Cass River.

“This is really a beginning in a process that takes multiple year and multiple fundings to reach what we think is a an end goal. Which is maintaining and improving impact in that watershed. Whether they be urban impacts, agricultural impacts, even our forested areas and our roads” says Hergott.

He says rebuilding the Frankenmuth dam will help address sediment run-off.

“It doesn’t settle in the new dam structure , it doesn’t settle down stream, impact the habitat downstream and in the stream itself, and eventually the Saginaw Bay. This is going to have a great impact, were opening 73 miles of fish habitat by opening the dam down there” says Hergott.

The overall goal of the grant funding is to reduce phosphorus runoff and sediment pollution in the Great Lakes and in what officials call priority watersheds.