Service day projects throughout Michigan are honoring MLK day on Monday

Photo courtesy of The Little Forks Conservancy.

Photo courtesy of The Little Forks Conservancy.

Monday may be a holiday for some – but some communities are hoping to honor Martin Luther King Jr. day as a time for service.

The Little Forks Conservancy in Midland said volunteers will be constructing seed balls with clay, dirt and plant seeds in the middle.

Andrea Foster is the Outreach Coordinator for the conservancy.

“We’re actually helping the environment because our wildlife love native plants, it helps feed them, and it’s also better for our soil and our water table because the deep roots system help filter out the sediment and stuff that you would get coming through a regular lawn.”

Foster said it’s important to give back on MLK day.

“To be able to find time in the community to get everyone together is typically really difficult. Especially during a work day, so it’s a great thing that our society has recognized not only Martin Luther King Jr. and the work that he did, but the importance of everyone having that time and taking that time to come together and work together to do better things for our community.”

Click the link for a full list of service projects happening in your area.