DNR asking for comment on logging Chippewa Hills Forest

tree sapThe Department of Natural Resources plans to reduce its tree harvest in the Chippewa Hills forest by 50%.

They’re cutting back after receiving phone calls from citizens and environmental groups who complained the DNR was going overboard.

Cody Stevens is with the DNR’s Forest Management Division. He said this isn’t the first time they’ve asked for public input.

“We actually started our planning process back in 2012 for this area. We really didn’t get that much public participation at that time. But when we started doing our fieldwork we started getting quite a few phone calls from the public, and from Thunder Bay Trails Association.”

Stevens said if you’ve submitted online comments in the past, you should resend them.

“We were having some issues with the email server, so not all email providers were actually coming through. So we’ve extended that deadline to March 22nd, and asking all individuals to resend their comments to make sure we heard from everybody.”

Stevens said they’ve stopped all work for the area until they get through a second public comment period.

The public comment period is open until March 22nd