NRC considering changes to Michigan’s coyote hunting laws


The state is considering a change to coyote hunting laws.

Under the proposal, the coyote hunting season would be extended year round. Currently it runs July through April.

It would also allow hunters to hunt after dark and use more types of ammunition.

Adam Bump is a fur bear specialist with the DNR.

“We have a lot of people that have concerns about coyotes or complaints, or perceptions about coyotes. So just to respond to that, or give people more tools to try to address some of those concerns themselves.”

Bump said the DNR and the NRC have been getting complaints of coyotes around the state.

“So you might get individuals in more rural places that may feel they’re impacting prey populations, and in the more urban, suburban areas it may be concerns about safety or just the idea we don’t think coyotes should be in an area where there’s people. ”

Bump says he doesn’t expect the overall population of coyotes to be affected by the changes.

The proposal is now before the natural resources commission. It’s expected to go to a vote in April.