Shorts Brewery to expand outside Michigan

TV Logo with apostropheShorts has always taken pride in the fact that you could only get their beers in the Great Lakes state.

However, they’ve recently decided to expand into seven different states.

Scott Newman-Bale, a partner at Shorts, said they’ve reached their peak in Michigan, and now they need to expand elsewhere.

He said Michigan will still be their main focus however.

“Am I going to get less specialties or fun beers in Michigan? The answer to that is quite the opposite. Part of what we’re using our capacity for now, and the increased revenue, is to improve our facilities. Very important to know we’re still a Michigan based company, we’re focused on Michigan, and we want Michigan to have the best experience possible.”

He said Shorts is actually bolstering the amount of brewing they do in-state.

“We’ve added a large barrel aging facility that we’re currently bringing up to capacity. And the specialties as well will be not shorted. Michigan will not be shorted anything. They should hopefully still be difficult to find, as they were before, but we will be increasing the amount that Michigan gets, not decreasing it.”

Newman-Bale said the increased revenue is giving Shorts license to be more creative with their recipes.

He said, with the expansion, Michigan residents should have access to more new brews than ever before.