Documentary finds common ground in anti-abortion and common sense gun law positions

POLICE OFFICER-SIDEARM (1)The Armor of Light, a new documentary exploring one minister’s extension of pro-life advocacy to the support of common sense gun laws, airs on PBS this week.

The Armor of Light follows the career of Reverend Dr. Rob Schenk, a Washington D.C. evangelical minister, from his anti-abortion activism to his current stance against unobstructed gun use.

Abigail Disney is the director of the documentary. She said she saw a disconnect between pro-life and pro-gun positions.

“There seemed to be a lack of dread and horror at the idea of taking a human life on the one hand while the same people were talking about every human life mattering. That’s what drove me to start this project, to ask ‘how can you say the one thing out of one side of your mouth while you’re saying this out of the other?’”

The Reverend Schenk said a mass shooting in his hometown of D.C. made him feel he needed to get involved in the debate surrounding gun laws.

“The second amendment for Christians is not the final authority on right and wrong. We have a higher moral authority that we appeal to.”

Reverend Schenk said he is optimistic that increased visibility of gun issues will change the public’s stance on gun laws.

The film premiers on PBS Tonight at 8pm.