Masterpieces to be shown on Traverse City streets

D-18335-015 Bike Ride Summer 2014Famous paintings will be making appearances through the summer in Traverse City, thanks to the Detroit Institute of Arts Inside/Out Program.

12 paintings, including William Bouguereau’s ‘The Nut Gatherers’ will be appearing across Traverse City this summer.

The paintings are replicas made to withstand the outdoors.

Colleen Paveglio is the Deputy Marketing Director for Traverse City. She said she hopes the paintings are a part of a greater community focus on the arts.

“We just launched a public art program in Traverse City and it formed a Traverse City arts commission. This is a collaboration with them and exposing the community to public art. We’re excited to have that in our community.”

The paintings will be installed Wednesday. The exhibit will run through October.