Meeting to address concerns around water contamination in Oscoda

IMG_1290The state is planning a meeting next month to discuss the ongoing response to perfluorinated compounds – or PFC’s – in Oscoda drinking water.

Not much is known about the health effects of PFC’s but after 24 homes near an abandoned Air Force base in Oscoda tested positive for elevated PFC levels, they were advised to find alternative sources of drinking water.

Christina Bush is with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. She said health officials are taking steps to help residents.

“One of those steps was finding the alternate water supply – that’s in place right now – but we’re also determining long term solutions to make sure people have a supply of water that they don’t have to worry about PFC’s being in it.”

More wells in the area are being tested to determine how many homes are affected.

The June 14th meeting will be held at the Oscoda Methodist Church.