Schuette: Gov’s attorneys holding up Flint investigation

billlschuetteMichigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says lawyers hired by Governor Rick Snyder at public expense are delaying progress in the criminal investigation of the Flint water crisis.

Schuette says the governor’s attorneys won’t turn over documents demanded by his Flint investigative team. The attorneys come from private law firms but are paid using state funds. More than a million dollars has been approved to pay for the defense team.

Schuette says his office is bargaining with the governor’s lawyers, but would not rule out legal action.

“One way or another, we’ll make sure we get the documents we need.”

A governor’s spokesman says his office is cooperating, has already turned over thousands of pages of documents, and takes the situation very seriously.

Schuette is also defending the nearly five-(m) million dollar cost of his criminal investigation as a small price compared to the damage caused by the Flint water crisis.