Invasive species awareness prompts statewide events

IMG_20150413_081520 (1)Through July tenth docks and boat launches statewide will be hosting events aimed at informing boaters on stopping the spread of invasive species.

The campaign centers around four words: clean, drain, dry and dispose. Basically the state officials are encouraging boaters to do an extensive clean and check of all materials before heading into a new body of water.

Kevin Walters is with the Department of Environmental Quality. He said average people have the power to stop the spread of these invasive species.

“Invasive species have the ability to harm our economy, have the ability to harm the ecology and environment around us, They also impact people’s social values, things like access to the water, things like fishing and swimming.”

Walters said checking with the local parks service is the best way to find out when and where events will be held in your area.