MI attorney general will not represent governor in pension case

billlschuetteMichigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is the state’s top attorney, but says he won’t be Governor Rick Snyder’s lawyer if he pursues a particular appeal.

The state lost a court decision that says teachers are owed about 550 (m) million dollars for withholding 3 percent of their paychecks for retirement health benefits that weren’t guaranteed.

Andrea Bitely of the attorney general’s office says the state isn’t likely to win in the end — and, if Governor Snyder wants to appeal, he’ll have to go it alone.

“In this case, we’ve reviewed the decision and made the determination that we will not be providing legal counsel.”

The governor’s press secretary says he will hire outside legal counsel to continue the case. She says the numbers involved are so big they threaten the long-term stability of the teacher retirement fund.