Firefighters work to protect historic lighthouse

2016_08_09-[1]If you live in northern lower Michigan and you’ve noticed smoke off to the west, it may be an island, that’s been burning since June. Firefighters are on the uninhabited island, working to protect a historic lighthouse.

The fire was reported in late June. It was started by a lightning strike.

Firefighters responded when the fire began to threaten the island’s abandoned light house.

Mike Fitzgibbon is the public information officer on the fire. He said a burn line has been created around the lighthouse.

“The sprinklers on that can be started at any time to start wetting down the structure. That and the fire line are keeping any ground fire from approaching the lighthouse.”

Fitzgibbon said all told there have been roughly 127 acres burned on the 200 acre island.
He says the fire won’t be completely out until winter.