State health officials remind parents to check their kids’ back to school immunizations

file2851302551862Michigan health officials say as the the school year nears- now is the time to ask your doctor about vaccines your child needs.

Pat Fralick is the director of family health services at the Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

She said there are a number of reasons of why parents choose to not get their child vaccinated but it could lead them to being excluded.

“There are many preventable vaccine diseases that can occur and when they do occur children have to be excluded from school sometimes for weeks a at a time. And there’s really a negative impact on the whole learning process-when kids aren’t able to be in school.”

State law requires school districts to check kids for up-to-date immunizations at kindergarten and seventh grade. Fralick said, even parents who don’t vaccinate need to have a signed waiver ready to go for the new school year.

“if you’re planning to sign a waiver get an appointment and get your waiver signed. Just so your child is able to enter school and not have any interruptions at all in that process .”

Fralick said the goal of immunizations is to make sure kids are – and stay- healthy.