Appeals court says voters can vote straight-ticket in November

votedMichigan voters will still be able to vote for a political party’s entire slate of ballots with a single mark on the ballot. A federal appeals court said so today (Wed.)

The appeals court upheld a lower court that said the state can’t ban the straight-ticket voting option from the November ballot. The three-judge panel of the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed it places an undue burden on voters in large cities with big minority populations and crowded polling places.

Mark Brewer is one of the attorneys who challenged the ban. He says it affects the rights of every voter who has to wait in line to cast a ballot.

“Because if straight-party voters take longer to vote, the lines are going to get longer for everybody.”

State Attorney General Bill Schuette says Michigan is no different than 40 other states that have banned straight-ticket voting. He plans to ask the entire Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to review the decision.