A green roof and living wall are being installed on the new Biosciences building going up on CMU’s campus

20160811_122746This is the second green roof at CMU.The other is on the Education and Human Services building.

Experts say a live roof has a number a benefits, including reducing both noise and runoff. They also say it’s likely to last longer than a traditional roof.

The new building will also include live walls on the inside.

Andy Reihl is the Project Manager for the Biosciences building.

“A lot of the design intent with the Biosciences building was putting that science on display, numerous features throughout the building tailor to that, you know you can see a lot of the openness glass visuals where you can see into the research labs. The live wall was another one of those elements of putting the science on display.”

Reihl says they planted sedum to create the roof. It is drought tolerant and requires little maintenance.

He says the green roof is finished.The live walls are expected to be complete in the next week.