Buyers in Michigan are refusing colored glass bottles from recycling centers


Recycling centers in Michigan say they’re not receiving money for colored glass bottles. They say those bottles may have to go to landfills.

Buyers in Michigan still accept clear glass bottles for recycling, but not colored. So that could include; beer, wine or some pop bottles.

Lindsey Walker is Recycling Outreach for Emmet County Recycling Center.

She said the center will keep accepting colored bottles, at least for the time being, but they have nowhere to send them.

“For us to be sending valuable commodities, we’re diverting them from the landfill were doing the best we can to educate our public, but on the other end of things, if we can’t find markets locally for those products, recycling becomes very very expensive.”

Walker said two years ago the market for clear and colored glass were the same.

“Our clear glass bottles and our colored market at one time was the same market, and at some point they decided that they weren’t able to move the colored glass out of Michigan anymore, so once again it was a market driven thing and they said were no longer able to accept this material from you.”

Walker said the Emmet County Recycling Center is exploring alternative uses for the glass.