Health officials are recommending college-aged students receive a new vaccination for a deadly strain of meningitis


The relatively new Meningitis B vaccine protects against a strain of bacterial meningitis which is particularly dangerous.

Previous vaccines protected against less deadly viral meningitis.

Dr. Jennifer Morse is the Medical Director of the Central Michigan District Health Department.

She said they see one case of bacterial meningitis in a typical year.

“If you get a meningitis shot, you’re probably only getting the older one that only protects you against four strains of the meningitis, you have to get the B strain separately.”

Morse said there are big differences between viral and bacterial meningitis.

“Viral meningitis you don’t feel very good, you get better. Bacterial you don’t feel very good, and within 12 to 24 hours, you’re on life support, you could be dead, you could end up with legs amputated, so again it’s just very different diseases.”

Morse said most health departments and physicians should have the vaccine available.