The apple crop in Michigan is expected to break records this year


31 million bushels of apples are expected to be harvested in Michigan this season. That’s up seven-million bushels from last year.

Some apples like Ginger Gold and Paula Red are already in stores. Other types will be available later this month.

Gretchen Mensing is with the Michigan Apple Committee.

“I think we just had really good weather this year. Apples really thrive when the trees can be dormant in the winter, and that we have a slow warm up in the spring time, lots of rain.”

Mensing over the last decade growers have adopted a new planting technique.

“It’s called high density plantings. So basically the apple trees are closer together and a little bit smaller, but it allows for more of the fruit to get that sunlight that’s important so the fruit is a really good size.”

Mensing said some apples are already in stores, but the bulk of the fruit should be available mid-September.