New cottage in Antrim county will cater to elderly dogs

IMG_4806An Antrim county woman is planning to open a unique sort of hospice next month, one that cares for elderly dogs.

The Silver Muzzle Cottage in Elk Rapids will meet the needs of ailing and elderly dogs to give them the best possible care at the end of their lives.

Kim Nelson is the head of the cottage. She said she came up with the idea after realizing how many dogs were given away towards the end of their lives.

“A lot of times people think of these dogs as really expensive because of medical costs, that they’re harder to deal with, that is not true.”

Nelson said the cottage will be able to hold, depending on their size, somewhere between 5 and 15 dogs.

She said she raised 75-thousand dollars for the facility through public donations. It will be open sometime in early-mid October.