Dam removal concludes on Pigeon River

DSCF5937Crews have finished removing a dam from the Pigeon River in Otsego County’s Sheridan Township. The dam drew attention after leaks resulted in a series of fish kills over the last decade.

The final straw came in 2008 after a leak from the dam resulted in roughly 400 thousand dead fish.

State and local agencies worked on multiple fronts to have the dam removed. Funding for the removal came largely from angler licensing fees.

Bryan Burroughs is with Trout Unlimited, which advocated for the dam’s removal. He said it was a long process.

“There was little that could be done to fix the effects of the fish kills but we could make the river healthier by focusing everybody’s efforts on removing the dam.”

Burroughs said there is still more work to be done maintaining a sand trap and allowing the river to heal, but he was happy with how it all turned out.