Alpena woman undertakes first part of Northwest Passage swim

unnamedAn Alpena woman is one of ten women who will complete a three-year, 18-hundred mile swim across the frigid waters of the Northwest Passage.

The project is called the Sedna Epic Expedition after an Inuit sea goddess. It’s aimed at raising awareness about the impacts of global warming.

Stephanie Gandulla is a maritime archaeologist for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. She said the Northwest Passage has only opened up over the summer months because of global warming.

“Of course there was ice, chunks of ice in the water, it wasn’t totally frozen over but there definitely was some ice in the water. It’s such a group effort, I mean it’s like I mentioned, it’s a snorkel relay. So it’s a couple people in, they do it for about an hour, hop out, and then you exchange.”

Gandulla said she was able to finance her expedition through a Go Fund Me page.

She said she will return next summer to continue the race.