Experts say they expect a new downtown Saginaw farmers market to boost the city’s economy


State officials say an indoor-outdoor farmers market in Saginaw boosts prospects for the city’s economy.

The state this week awarded three-million dollars to the renovation project.

The money will be used to renovate a former newspaper office building into a year-round farmers market in downtown Saginaw.

Nate Scramlin is with Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

“I think the immense amount of people that this will bring downtown, not only is good for the business but it also showcases to people the renaissance that’s happening in Saginaw.”

He said the nonprofit heading the project, SVRC Industries, expects the market to create 53 new jobs.

“Think, a vibrant farmers market indoor outdoor market, which will drive a number of people back into downtown Saginaw, it’s an estimate we talked about with the people at SVRC, you know upwards of 10,000 people a month.”

Scramlin said the market is slated for completion next year.