Trump once again finds his way to Michigan

Donald Trump campaigning in Pella, Iowa on January 23, 2016.

Donald Trump campaigning in Pella, Iowa on January 23, 2016.

Donald Trump is coming back to Michigan tomorrow. The Republican presidential nominee is holding a rally at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.

This marks Trump’s fifth visit to Michigan since he accepted the party’s nomination in July.

Trump has made two trips to Detroit, held a rally in Dimondale and visited a church and water treatment plant in Flint.

With one debate down and two to go, the election is in peak mode.

Matt Grossmann is a political science expert at Michigan State University. He said Oakland typically swings Republican.

“It’s not necessarily a place that you would automatically identify with Donald Trump. So it’s an opportunity for him to, to nail down people who usually vote Republican but may not yet be on board with him.”

Meanwhile, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has only visited Michigan once… but her surrogates have been criss-crossing the state.

Democratic Congreswoman Debbie Dingell said, actually, Trump’s visits could be good for Clinton:

“Michigan’s competitive. And I think it’s going to be competitive for many different reasons. I actually am glad that Donald Trump’s coming because every time he’s here people see more of the real Donald Trump.”

Scott Hagerstrom is the Michigan director for the Trump campaign. He said, Trump’s speech is going to center on – quote – “insiders versus outsiders.”

“That’s going to be the heart of his message and it’s about putting everyday average Americans, putting their interests first for once instead of those of the globalist agenda.”

Hagerstrom said he thinks Trump will be making at least one more visit to Michigan before Election Day.